Pool Heating

Pool Heating

Heating the swimming pool means being able to use it for more months of the year and improves comfort simply by increasing the temperature of your pool by a few degrees. There are technologies for all kinds of pools, new or old. But bear in mind, pool heaters are no substitute for a solar cover. It is a waste of money heating an uncovered pool.

Mainly there are two types of electric swimming pool heaters, the direct heater or the Heat Pump. The Swimming Pool Heat Pump uses much less electricity but is much more expensive to buy than a direct electric model.

Electric Heaters

These are economical to buy and are ideal for small to medium sized pools. Ideally choose the largest heater that your electric supply can support which is normally 9-12kw. Any electric heater above 3kw will need a special supply as only 3kw heaters can run off 13amps. Sizing which of the larger heaters to have and its installation must be done by a qualified electrician. All electric heaters should be installed with a circuit breaker for safety and kept under cover.

Heat pumps

Air Source Heat pump technology allows you to heat the water efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of conventional heating systems Of course you have to invest in the pump's installation in the first place, but with savings of around two-thirds on power consumption thereafter, pay-back can be three to five years in many instances. Heat pumps are by no means a strange invention. Similar in operation to a refrigerator, they absorb energy in the form of heat and moisture from outside air, upgrading this energy to a usable form of heat through the unique ability of their refrigeration circuit.


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