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Swimming Pool Construction & Renovation

Pool construction is serious responsibility just there is no any particular challenge that makes many building companies think they could make pools.

At first site it seems quite easy but only the real professionals know how responsible is to design the pool and that finding the right builder for the pool is of great importance. Unfortunately it is difficult to come upon reliable builders who will build your pool in time and of high quality. Usually you find out what is the quality of the building works (and the quality of the pool) when your new swimming pool starts loosing water about 10 m3 per day. Then it becomes clear that there is a hole or a leak (just a few mm.) somewhere at the bottom or at the walls of the pool. These hidden technical defects are very difficult to discover and the repair could cost you a lot.

In the building industry everything could be done and everything is possible. It is only a matter of price. The correct and advanced planning of your swimming pool could save you many future costs especially if you contact us on time. We will advise you how to plan and build your pool and our professional assistance will save you many troubles and money and will allow you to concentrate to more important things in your life – your family and your business. Didim Pools has a wide experience in designing and construction and renovation of houses and swimming pools and we believe that our know-how is helping us and our clients. We can help you get an unique Swimming Pool at reasonable cost.

Concrete swimming pool

We offer a first class construction service for reinforced concrete swimming pool with a tiled finish. We use the reinforced concrete method as it offers the ultimate in strength & freedom of design.

A high tensile steel reinforcing framework is fixed throughout the pool and high quality concrete mixed with waterproofing additives is poured in place. The floor and walls build a monolithic construction free from work joints. This is absolutely essential that there is no movement or cracking within the pool shell or water loss and subsequent damage can result.

In a Concrete in-ground swimming pool the finish is applied directly to the walls and floor of the pool. The shell of the pool is therefore the water retaining unit and for this reason the construction has to be very strong, to be able to withstand the pressure exerted by the water. Travertine stones are then placed around the pool to finish the edge. This type of pool offers greater flexibility as it can be formed into different shapes. We recommend for the internal finishes brightly colored pool ceramics or mosaic tiles.

Two Popular Pool Types: Skimmer Pools and Overflow Pool

The term “skimmer pool” comes from a device called skimmer.  This unit takes water from the reservoir for cleaning and disinfection. The skimmer can be found under the top edge of the swimming pool. This is the main distinction between the skimmer pool and the overflow pool, where the surface of the water is even with the edge of the pool deck.

With smaller skimmer pools, water is drawn from top to bottom in order to be cleaned. Water that has been cleaned is then conveyed through nozzles found on the other side of the water intake. For this reason, the water moves in a horizontal manner.

Overflow pools (often called “infinity pools”) are recommended for personal use or for a closed group. Building such pools is a more complicated process. Water that leaks does not travel to the treatment system right away. Instead it is initially sent to the compensation tank, then to the pump to be filtrated and disinfected. The system carries the water through the pool bottom nozzles, which means the water travels vertically. Many feel this type of artificial system can provide a higher level of water quality. For this reason, this style is often used for public pools. 

Although we are great professionals in the construction of any type of pool, we know that building an infinity pool requires a mastery and experience of the highest level.

Needless to explain again that the infinity pool in addition to being the most beautiful from an aesthetic point of view is also the cleanest due to the overflow of water, the least demanding in maintenance, the most prestigious for the house and the garden ...

If you have to get a pool, build it overflow!

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