Salt Water Pool

What Is A Salt Water Pool?

Most people hearing the words “salt water” naturally think of ocean water, but in the world of swimming pools, “salt water” or “salt pool” refers to one that uses a salt chlorine generator for sanitization.

Saltwater pools were first developed in Australia in the 1960’s. They were introduced to the USA in the 90’s and now account for about 80% of all Australian pools and about 75% of new pools built in the States. They are becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

Saltwater pools run at about 10% of the salinity of the ocean; in fact they have approximately the same salt content as your own body. That is one of the reasons that the water feels so pleasing and comfortable to swim in.
In order to sanitise the water, saltwater pools use chlorine but not as an added chemical solid; instead they use a chlorine generator that uses electrolysis to produce chlorine.

Chlorine generators purify pool water from ordinary salt added to pool water through the process of electrolysis. This process breaks the salt into its basic elements of sodium, and chlorine. After the chlorine does its disinfecting work it converts back into salt and so the same salt is used over and over again.

A saltwater pool gives you a more ‘natural’ bathing experience and it’s certainly very attractive to people who are particularly sensitive to chlorine or just really dislike the taste and smell of a traditionally chlorinated pool. Having a saltwater pool, means that you won’t be buying and using so many chemicals, although the water does still need to be kept in balance.

The pros of a saltwater pool

  • Saltwater pools feel more natural and are softer and more gentle on the skin.
  • They are also much less likely to irritate the bather’s eyes.
  • Saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain.
  • A saltwater pool should require less maintenance than a traditionally chlorinated pool.
  • Saltwater pools don’t produce chloramines – and it is the chloramines that actually produce that ‘chlorine smell’.


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